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A Message from Management to Parents/Guardians/Students.

A Message from Management to Parents/Guardians/Students.


Dear Parent/Guardian and all students too,

We just want to check in with you all in this very difficult time. Our wish and hope is that you all stay safe and well, that we all follow the HSE guidelines. Together we all come through. There is no doubt it is unprecedented in all our lifetimes to date. We send our thoughts and best wishes to everyone.

We are trying to stay on top of Education provision. Teaching, learning and assessment is ongoing. All students have email addresses and access to online platforms. Teachers are working hard in all subjects. Work is given, completed and corrected. We are happy to report that engagement levels with the teachers and the work set, is high. For the very few who are not engaging, we urge those students to take personal responsibility for this and start now. Your teachers will be thrilled.

All staff, teachers, SNA’s and Year Heads are available to all of you. Using the school email addresses you can make contact with anyone. We are always happy when they report to us, their contact with you, the problem that may have existed and the offer of a solution by the school. We are also delighted to hear when everything is going as well as can be expected in this crazy time.

Donahies CS offers breakfast, lunch and after school meals throughout the year, as you are aware. Any student who arrives between 8 and 8.30 am can avail freely of this. Any student in the homework club receives a hot meal. The lunch is subsidised. Now we have asked our food provider, Glanmore, to make hampers available to the school. If you or anyone you know from our community is in need please email me p.keohane@donahiescs.ie or the relevant Year Head or HSCL teacher Brenda Flanagan, and we may be in a position to distribute a hamper of foodstuffs.

We appreciate there are so many questions right now. Will the schools be back, will the exams take place, etc, etc. There are no definite answers to anything. The concentration nationally is on health. However the advice we are working on is that yes, schools will reopen, and yes the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert will take place. I would assure students that this crisis will be reflected in any correcting of exams that will take place. However, the same numbers will go on to university, college, PLC, apprenticeships and jobs. It is so important that our students do not lose their focus, ambition and drive. All these details will, of course, be confirmed, as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, we send you our very best wishes for safety and health. Mind yourselves, and we are genuinely looking forward to seeing you all.

Kind regards,

Peter Keohane and Michelle Horrigan


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