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Further update from the principal regarding recent developments


8.1.21 (1.40pm)

Dear Parents and Students,

We are sure you find it very difficult to keep track of developments given the constant changes and my apologies for the inconvenience.

The most recent proposal is now for all classes to go online for the month of January. It is extremely frustrating, from a planning perspective, to deal with these constant changes in proposals/decisions and the following information is based on the situation as of now.

  • It is intended that classes will return to school at the beginning of February although this will be dependent on the containment of the COVID virus. However, teaching online will happen for all from Monday 11.1.21.
  • Online classes will follow the normal school timetable. Donahies CS has 6 x one hour classes each day. Wednesday 4 x one hour classes ending at lunchtime.
    • Period 1 - 8.40 - 9.40
    • Period 2 - 9.40 - 10.40
    • Break - 10.40 - 10.55
    • Period 3 - 10.55 -11.55
    • Period 4 - 11.55 - 12.55
    • Lunch - 12.55 - 1.25
    • Period 5 - 1.25 - 2.25
    • Period 6 - 2.25 - 3.25
  • We encourage parents to make sure that your son/daughter is engaging online. You will be informed by subject teachers and or year heads if students are not engaging.
  • We remind students that cameras must be turned on for online classes.

6th Year Students

We can only imagine the frustration you must be experiencing. However, we have to encourage you to prepare as best you can to be ready for the leaving cert in its traditional form or should the situation change to last years calculated grades model to be equally ready for that. It is truly now in your best interest to fully engage with online learning. Take some comfort from the fact that the Department of Education is fully aware of the interruptions to schooling you have experienced throughout your senior cycle and this will be taken into consideration. You will see this if you read the introduction to Assessment Arrangement for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Examinations 2021 published by the Department of Education and available on its website. Look after yourselves, keep to a study plan and engage with your teachers online for the remainder of this month. Hopefully we will see you back in school next month.

Myself, Ms. Horrigan, your Year Head, Mr. McCluskey and all your subject teachers will support you in any way possible so try to keep your focus. We will see you all at a ZOOM assembly next Wednesday Jan 13.1.21 at 12.00 midday. Details to follow.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th year students

Online teaching and learning will continue as per your normal timetable. This is not time off and we need you all to actively engage and participate. Over the weeks we will update you all on developments. Assemblies will be held for all year groups over the next week or so.

The Rogers Suite

The Rogers suite team will make direct contact with all parents and students over the first few days of next week. They are presently planning delivery of classes to all students in The Rogers Suite.

Books can be collected from school Monday at the times previously outlined. Of course, families with more than one student can collect at the same time.

Thank you all for your cooperation with this ongoing situation.

Stay safe and well,

Kind regards,

Mr. Keohane Ms. Horrigan

Principal Deputy Principal

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