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Important - Updated return dates for all students


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. As you are aware we are very busy preparing to reopen our school. This will be quite a challenge but we feel with the support of everyone we can ensure that students and staff can look forward to a safe return to school.

The following are the actions taken in order to minimise the risk of COVID-19 in our school

  • All staff will receive COVID-19 health and safety training prior to returning to school.
  • The wearing of face-coverings will be mandatory for everyone in school.
  • The school COVID-19 Policy, COVID-19 Response Plan and Protocols have been approved by the Board of Management and will be published on our website from Wednesday 26.8.2020. Please familiarise yourselves with these Protocols. The Protocols are in place, as control measures, to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 to our school.
  • Risk assessments have been carried out and our Health and Safety Statement has been updated. This will be available on our website from Wednesday 26.8.2020.
  • Display signage - COVID-19 awareness and safety signage will be visible throughout the school, on floors, walls and doors.
  • Wall mounted hand dispensers have been placed throughout the corridors as well as in each classroom.
  • A designated isolation room will be available for any pupil or member of staff showing signs of Covid-19
  • Students will now have base classrooms, with the exception of practical classes. This will reduce movement and therefore help minimise the number of close contacts.
  • Most cabinets, presses etc. have been removed from classrooms to ensure social distancing is applied.
  • Visitors to the school will be limited and access determined by and approved for essential business only and by prior appointment through the main office.
  • The Code of Positive Behaviour has been amended to take account of COVID Protocols (see website). This will be available on the website from Wednesday 26.8.2020. parents and students will be required to sign this amended Code of Positive Behaviour
  • Students will be expected to clean their desks when they leave and enter classrooms. Disinfectant wipes/spray will be available.
  • Perspex screens will be in place in the Science Labs, Home Economics labs many of the practical rooms.
  • Any student who has travelled outside the Green List must quarantine for 14 days upon return and should not attend school before this time. Check dfa.ie for updated list.

Your son/daughter’s wellbeing is front and central to all our plans for a safe return so we have decided to make slight changes to the return dates for students. These staggered return dates will allow for intensive student induction for all year groups, in order to ensure that students become familiar with expected behaviours as well as health and safety protocols.

The staggered return also provides an opportunity for us, as a staff, to develop a Framework for Remote Teaching and Learning in case of future lockdown. We have received a lot of great feedback from you as parents and students. This will be taken into consideration in developing the Framework.




Friday, 28th August


6th Years including LCA 2

Monday, 31st August


3rd Years

Tuesday, 1st September


5th Years including LCA 1

Wednesday, 2nd September


1st Years

Thursday, 3rd September


2nd Years and Transition Year

Thursday, 3rd September


All Students in the Rogers Suite

Friday, 4th September

Normal Timetable resumes for all students

The school has a number of entrance/exit doors.

  • 1st and 2nd years enter/exit exclusively through Room 3 and 4 area
  • 3rd and 4th years enter at Room 14 and 15 area
  • 5th years enter at the back door through the back gate if necessary
  • 6th years enter through the main entrance.
  • Rogers Suite students will enter via the Rogers Suite

Of course this will be an inconvenience for some. We know you understand the need to keep the students apart. This will help. Students may enter through the main school gate, but we ask that each year group then proceed to their entrance.

Parents, if you are driving students to school, please drop them off away from the school gate, and do not enter the school grounds.

All year groups will remain in their designated areas for lunch. Students will order in the morning time and lunch will be brought to these areas daily.

Morning break, students will be allowed to designated areas with their own class groups. Again we ask you to stress the importance of social distancing.

Lockers will be available to all students in their designated areas, or as close as possible. We will keep locker use under review. If there is congregating at the lockers it is a privilege that may have to be withdrawn.

As we cannot provide changing rooms or showers during this pandemic, students are allowed to attend in their PE gear on the days they are timetabled for PE. At all other times we appeal that all students will wear their school uniforms, including black shoes/runners and navy jacket.

We want to thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation in following these guidelines and working with us during these challenging times. It is our intention to do everything possible to keep the school COVID free and ensure that your son/daughter feels safe and secure on return.

We look forward to welcoming your son/daughter back to school over the next couple of weeks.

Kind Regards,

Mr. P. Keohane Ms.M. Horrigan

Principal Deputy Principal

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