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School Chaplain

School Chaplain

A full time Chaplain is available at the Donahies to help provide for the spiritual/personal welfare of the school community and to offer pastoral care in this context. As an integral member of both the Religion Department and the school’s pastoral care team, the Chaplain strengthens the natural link between the two areas. The Chaplain has an important role in the Religion Department and is involved in the coordination of various religious activities, such as retreats and liturgical events.

The Chaplain also works closely with the School Counsellor and Home-School-Liaison officer to provide an integrated pastoral care team. This happens under the guidance of the Principal and Deputy Principal and in consultation with year heads, tutors and other staff members.

The counselling and pastoral role of the Chaplain is similar to that of the other members of the pastoral team but is distinguished by an added faith and spiritual dimension. This dimension may be an obvious or silent one, depending on the requirements of the individual. At all times the Chaplain recognises the inclusive nature of this position in the school and reaches out to students of all faith groups and to those who do not have any religious affiliations. As such students are welcome to approach the Chaplain on a purely pastoral basis.

The Chaplain provides the following services in the school:

  • Spiritual development and Pastoral Care
  • Counselling
  • Religious Services and Liturgies
  • Bereavement support

Other activities in which the Chaplain is involved include:

  • Meeting Parents
  • Support during illness
  • Organisation of school activities, charity work etc.
  • Liaising with local parishes
  • Meeting with other staff members.

The Oratory

The school has a large Oratory which is used regularly by the Chaplain and religion teachers and is available to the entire school body. This Oratory facilitates a broad range of activities from specific liturgical events to meditation and quiet time. It provides a sanctuary where we can escape from the stresses and pressures of school life and find time for ourselves. It is also a quiet place to go for anyone who is upset and individual students may go there just to light a candle or make a silent prayer.

There is a notice board outside the Oratory which is updated liturgically and displays a variety of religious and pastoral notices, including information on local churches and parish services.

During the course of the year, the Chaplain and Religion teachers organise a number of services and events in the school Oratory. These include:

  • Beginning of the School Year/First Year Welcome Services
  • Advent/Christmas liturgies
  • Lenten/Easter Liturgies
  • End of School Year/Exam Time Services
  • November Remembrance Services
  • Distribution of Ashes on Ash Wednesday
  • In addition to these the Chaplain coordinates class specific activities with Religion teachers, such as:
  • Harvest/Halloween/Remembrance based activities
  • Transition Year services (pre work experience)
  • Curriculum related services or class meditations (e.g. LCA Liturgy for Key Assignment, 6th Year Pre Exam Meditations)
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