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Student Council

Student Council

What is the school council?

The student council is made up of students from each year group. They are a group who are elected by their peers to represent the whole of the student body. They are the voice of the students in the school and help share the students ideas, interests and concerns with management.

How they get elected?

Our student council was elected in October.

Students, from each individual year group, were nominated by their fellow class mates to be their representative voice. The election took place during maths week in the library and was co ordinated by the Transition year students.

The student community is an integral partner in education , as a means of contributing to a more progressive and inclusive life of the school. This year, our very first meeting involved the nomination of specific roles and presentation of badges.

All student council members attended a leadership course in Trinity Youth services.

The course equipped them with a variety of skills, ranging from decision making skills, communication skills, group dynamics to conflict resolution. Each member was presented with a certificate on completion.

Chloe Clarke was nominated as Chairperson and Robyn Hanrahan as Secretary.

Our treasurer, Conor Kelly was responsible for the safe keeping for all monies raised.

All were kept very busy during the year, bringing issues and concerns to the attention of the Council.

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