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‘Community Outreach’ is an integral part of the Transition year programme in The Donahies Community School  and this year the students reached out further than ever before when they expressed an interest in ‘twinning’ with a school in South Africa. They wanted to initiate a conversation with their peers in the global south in order that they could learn, share and experience the local knowledge and issues being encountered by students who do not experience the same security as them.

By twinning with a school in South Africa, students would get a clearer picture of themselves as global citizens as well as appreciating diversity.

With the help of funding received from Worldwise Global schools, which is an Irish Aid initiative  aiming to bring together a blend of education, knowledge and overseas ‘on-the-ground’ experience to deliver development education to Irish post-primary schools our school made contact with ‘Amawele’ which is an education based developmental charity based in Ireland and South Africa. By helping to twin South African and Irish Schools, Amawele is fostering a greater awareness of global issues, through real people and real experiences. They believe this enrichment of a curriculum benefits pupils and teachers from both communities – culturally, morally and socially.

Transition year students took part in workshops which were aimed to create  intellectual  and  action  skills  through  group  work,  discussion, exercises and debate which allowed the students to engage critically with development issues on a mutual basis with their twin schools.

There was great excitement when we discovered that we were to be twinned with Intshukumo Comprehensive High school,  in Guguletu, Cape Town, South Africa.

With the support of both the principal, Ms. A. NicGearailt and the school board,  3 teachers from our school, Ms. Flanagan, Ms. Cunningham and Mr. Vickery travelled to South Africa over the February mid-term break to visit the Intshukumo High school to meet with the staff and students there. School to school Skype contact was made and a new era in Development Education had begun for the students of The Donahies !

The school aims to build on what we have achieved so far by encouraging student

to challenge and examine western lifestyles and how the choices they make can affect our neighbours in the global south.

We want our students to be young people who have developed the means, skills, confidence, support and space to influence decisions and take part in actions which contribute to a more just and equal world for all.


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Ms. B. Flanagan

Community Outreach