Transition Year

The Transition Year provides an opportunity for students to experience a wide range of educational inputs, life skills and work experience at a remove from the examination focus.

Transition year is not examined, but rather is assessed, and is intended to be a broad educational experience which assists in the transition from the school environment by encouraging creativity and responsibility for ones self.

Homework is an important part of the Transition Year. In addition to traditional styles of homework, students are expected to do projects, assignments, interviews and research. Transition Year homework may involve hours spent after school arranging work experience, or visiting the elderly as a component of work in the community. 

The main objective of the Transition Year is to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.’

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Community Outreach

Transition year students in The Donahies take part in a ‘Community Outreach’ programme.  Simply defined, Community Outreach is the practice of conducting local public awareness activities through targeted community interaction. This is the second year of the programme and it has become a hugely important part of the TY curriculum as “we seek to foster a sense of values and a commitment to the service of others.”

Throughout the year students are involved in fundraising activities such as street collections and bag packing as well as special seasonal events such as Team Hope’s Christmas ‘shoe-box’ appeal. Students organised the collection of shoeboxes filled with simple Christmas gifts for victims of war, disease or poverty and then worked in the teams’ warehouse in Malahide distributing the boxes to children living in some of the poorest countries in the world. 

The community outreach programme strives to foster in the TY students, the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be involved community members and citizens as well as initiating and participating in community service activities and projects.


This year, The Donahies school took a huge leap forward in its Development education when, for the first time in the school’s history,  it ‘twinned’ with Intshukumo Comprehensive High School, in Guguletu, South Africa.

This is a major development for both the school and the students involved.  Three teachers from the school have made an initial trip to South Africa bringing with them letters from TY students and then conducted a live ‘skype’ between the students of both schools. The Community Outreach programme aims to develop a meaningful

partnership between the schools so that the students will learn, share and experience the local knowledge and issues  of both schools. This is an extremely exciting development for both schools and it is hoped that eventually students from the Donahies will visit South Africa to meet with the students personally, further strengthening the links which have now been made. 


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Ms. B Flanagan.


2015/16 Ongoings...


Irish Aid Centre
Recently, over 40 T/Y students who are the Community Outreach and Greenschools programmes  visited the Irish Aid Centre in Dublin City Centre to take part in workshops aimed to increase their knowledge of the work being done by the Irish Government to allieviate the suffering of those people living under the adverse cloud of poverty and climate change. For more pictures please click on the first picture below.




Shoe Box Appeal

The Donahies Community school takes part in the Team Hope Christmas Shoe box appeal, which they do every year. This year we collected over 60 boxes [filled with presents] which we were able to send to children who might not receive any other present at Christmas. 

Our T/Y students were rewarded for all their efforts by being invited to work in the Team Hope Warehouse where they helped organise the boxes for distribution to many different countries for many deserving children - Ms. Flanagan

team hope










Cheerios Breakfast

Transition years students on the Community On Wednesday 11th November the transition year students arrived early to school to prepare for hosting the Cheerios Childline breakfast.Their teachers,   Ms. Flanagan/ Ms. Cunningham/Mr. Kelly and Ms. Kilbride came in also to support them in their efforts. They had previously shopped for cups/spoons/ sugar / breakfast juices/ milk and hot chocolate to go with the Cheerios. Their enthusiasm ensured that the breakfast was a great success and they raised nearly 100 euro for this very deserving cause. Well done to all the T/Y students who took part.


Outreach programme who took part in the St. Vincent de Paul bag packing fund raising event in Dunnes Stores Donaghmede on Friday 16th October.  






Transition year students with their teachers Ms. Flanagan and Ms. Cunningham attend 'Africa Day' in the Phoenix Park on Sunday 24th May to highlight Development education in the school. 

                                                     africa day



Students and teachers of the Donahies support 'fair trade' 

fair trade


Students preparing for the 'team hope' Christmas shoe box appeal 2015

Shoe Box


Students in The Donahies bring in boxes of Christmas gifts for 'Team Hope'

Shoe Box


Every year Students in The Donahies take part in fundraising for Irish Guide dogs for the Blind



Buckets for Barnardos (2015/16)

On Friday 18th September over 30 transition year students from the Donahies volunteered to work for the  'Buckets for Barnardos' annual  fundraising event. Barnardos is Ireland's largest independent children's charity. Transition year students from the school have worked with Barnardos every year and this year students went into City centre and also to Dunnes Stores in Portmarnock as 'bucket' collectors  on the streets and at the checkouts.  
Barnardos staff were extremely appreciative and complimentary of the students who worked tirelessly all day to raise as much money as possible for this very worthwhile cause.  

Well done to all those students who volunteered.



Acknowledgement from Barnardos for the great work our students do to help those in need (2014/15)



Picture of 'The Holocaust memorial garden' which is maintained by Transition Year students to keep alive the memory of all the innocent children killed in The Holocaust




Donahies YSI Students meet the Taoiseach

(Cutting from March 26th 2014)