Robotics Comp 2015/16


The 4th Years did the Donahies proud this year reaching the quarter finals of the competition with two Robots. Each robot is autonomous, whereby the objective is to push one another out of the ring once they have locked on to their target. Maybe next year we'll bring home the gold, well done lads!


Find pictures from the 2015 competition here 

Sumo Competition 2014

This year's robotics team set off to the All Ireland Sumo Robot competition in Galway on Thurs 3rd of April 2014. The team arrived in Heuston station fresh from their work placements in suits and ties, certainly the most presentable group we've ever sent to Galway! After a few last minute phone calls to their mammies to confirm they didn't need their passports, the lads boarded their first intercounty train.sumo5

After half an hour, some of them were concerned about strange black and white animals they spotted in the fields. Once informed that these were in fact cows the panic subsided. A couple of hours of last minute programming on the train left the robots in a great state for the battles ahead.

On arrival in Galway, the lads quickly sourced a people carrier to get us to our luxury hotel. There was a bit of confusion about the room arrangements with Patrick Komlafee demanding his own personal room. Once the hotel manager came out to reassure him that he would at least have his own bed things calmed down. The lads then headed for their rooms with Adam Murphy getting very confused that the room numbers started at 1000 instead of 1. After they had figured out which way to put their keycards into the room doors and then how to turn on the lights in the room, the team settled in and planned their activities for the night.

With a swimming pool, games room and top class gym available for free, the lads decided to throw on their tracksuits and head for a walk. 2 hours later they returned- weak with hunger with Ryan Kavanagh in particular craving a KFC. When informed by Mr. Tuite that they could get a pizza downstairs in the hotel the lads sprinted down to get their orders in. A final briefing from 'the Sir' regarding the schedule on Friday caused the team some concern as they were required to get out of bed and get ready by 8am - without their mammy to call them! After getting locked out of the hotel at 1 in the morning while going for another walk, the team finally turned in for the night with 16 alarms set to ensure they woke up in time.

On Friday morning the team had to be woken by Mr. Tuite despite their rooms being rocked by the sound of numerous alarms. The lads chose to dine on breakfast rolls from spar soon after washing their faces and fixing their hair. However, Mark Dwyer did declare that he 'doesn't do breakfast'. Fed and watered, off we headed to the Radisson hotel to kick some ass. The Radisson was swamped with pupils from all over the country and this is when the nerves started to kick in. The team found a good corner table and unpacked their champion fighters. After a few last minute adjustments, and some prayers, the team were ready for battle.

First to enter the ring was Jack Petigrew with his robot Lucky 7. After a few tense moments, the opponents robot simply turned and ran out of the ring. Next up was Mark Dwyer and his adopted robot Shaw. Unfortunately for Mark, technical difficulties hampered his robots progress and he lost his first match. Adam Murphy was next up and was successful, defeating his female oponents 2 nil. Patrick Komlafee and Ryan Kavanagh then took to the ring and while Ryan found the going tough, Patrick sailed through to the next round. The fights were coming fast and furious with blood, sweat and tears pouring out of the lads in between fights as they furiously tried to fix their robots. As the day continued it became clear that it was going to be a very difficult task to take home some silverware. A few very challenging opponents were drawn against our boys and at the end of round 5 only Patrick and Adam were left standing for the Donahies. We were nearing the final stages of the tournament and things were loking good for Adam and his robot VAG 9000. He unfortunately came up against a beast of a robot in the last 16 and was defeated. So it was left to Patrick to carry our hopes and dreams but as usual, his robot Dominator could not stand the pressure.

So there it was, another year of competition over and unfortunately we could not reclaim our trophy. This years competition was attended by 200 pupils and involved 60 robots from all corners of the country. Overall, the standard was extremely high and the lads have already made plans to improve their designs and programming for next year. The trip will be remembered for Patrick's dancing on the stage at the awards ceremony, Jack's wallet full of cash, Ryan's expert programming, Adam's supreme confidence in his robot and Mark's unlucky adopted robot. It's safe to say that Galway left a bigger mark on the team than the team left on Galway and the trip concluded without any tears, tantrums or incidents. So roll on next year and another go at the title. Well done to the lads for their brave efforts. Check out the pictures and videos from the day below too.