Code of Behaviour

Donahies Community School Code of Behaviour- Click Here


Text Messages

If for any reason you have not been receiving text messages from the school, please check that we have your correct phone number. If your phone number or address changes it is important that you notify the school. You can contact the main office at 8473522.


Students Leaving School

If a student needs to leave early for an appointment they MUST have a note in the school journal. Students will not be allowed to leave without a note. In an emergency a parent should ring the main office to notify the school that a child needs to leave. Under no circumstances should a parent contact a child on a mobile phone to ask them to leave school.


Absent From School

A reminder that a student returning from absence must have a note from a parent/ guardian in the back of the journal.



The school journal should be signed by a parent/ guardian at the end of every week.



Photographs of students participating in school events are displayed on the school walls. From time to time photographs of students at events are displayed on the school website, magazines and publicity literature. If any parent does not wish their child’s photograph to be used in these ways, please inform the school in writing.