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Home School Community LiaisonIt’s hard to believe that I have just completed four years as Home School Community Liaison Officer. It has been a wonderful experience. I fully enjoy supporting families and parents and encouraging parents to become involved with the school and with their child’s education.

You are probably well aware of the classes arranged for parents over the last four years which included:

Art Class Yoga Weekly Gym club for parents Flower Arranging Class Learn Magic tricks Healthy Food Made Easy First Aid Parents’ guide to Junior Cert Maths Stitch craft Gardening Paired Reading.

This year several parents enrolled for the following classes including:Art Class with Harry Pike: First Aid with Siobhan Egan: Cooking with Catherine Gough: Christmas Flower Arranging Class with Helen Caffery: Parents Gym Club with Con Kelly.








The feedback from parents about the classes is very encouraging. Next year the old reliable classes will be back, the Art Class, Flower Arranging and the Gym, and some new but equally exciting classes will be on offer. I hope to include a Maths for Fun class.

I will contact parents twice a year, in September and January, by letter and text, with information on the classes.Information may also be found on the Home School Notice board in the front porch, and at the entrance to The Rogers Suite.

Many parents may be aware of the Northside Partnership Challenger Programme. This programme targets children from designated primary schools in the area and supports them all the way up to Leaving Cert. Along with several Home School Liaison Officers in the local area I am a committee member of this programme. Donahies students, who are already availing of programme, are encouraged to continue to participate in Challenger right up to Leaving Cert. An added bonus this year was that in January ten of our Leaving Cert students, who are not part of the programme, were fortunate to attend grinds in a variety of subjects facilitated by the Challenger programme.

In September 2016 I organised the annual attendance competition for First Years. We all know children are very competitive and they become very excited when results are displayed on the School Completion Notice board. Mr Tony Ridgeway, School Completion (SCP) ‘, supports the attendance competition and his support is very much appreciated. Students’ attendance is monitored carefully for four weeks. Results are displayed weekly on the SCP board. Thereis a prize for the class with the best attendance and there are individual prizes for students with full attendance.

This year a total of 30 students received an individual prize for full attendance during September 2016. Class Kavanagh won the overall class prize for best attendance and were rewarded with a trip to the cinema. The aim of the attendance competition is two pronged. Firstly it highlights the good attenders, but also it highlights those children whose parents may need some support with attendance. To support parents with attendance is very rewarding, and it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to do it. To facilitate this support I arranged for Trudy Conlon, Educational Welfare Officer with Tusla, to visit the school for meetings with parents throughout the year. These meetings were very successful and offer great help to parents and students with attendance.




In January Mr Chris Mc Cluskey, Year Head, asked me to organise a St Patrick’s Day Lunch with class Yeats. On March 16th thirty people, adults and students, attended the lunch and it was a huge success. Chefs Ken and Louise Dixon, parents of Aoife Dixon 5th Year, provided tremendous help to the school for the event.

Ken and Louise are very well known in the area from ‘KENS CATERING The Kitchen’ Baldoyle Badminton Centre. We couldn’t have done it without them. The preparation was huge: preparing the vegetables, ordering the food and setting up the dining area. Class Yeats worked hard with thepreparations and they were terrific support to us. Everything turned out brilliantly and a delicious meal of bacon, cabbage, and potatoes was served to the hungry guests.

A scrumptious green, white and orange dessert was prepared by Louise Dixon with help from all the Yeats class. It was a delight to see the children so interested in the preparation and their culinary talents came to the surface.

Mr McCluskey observed that we have a few Jamie Oliver’s in the making from class Yeats. This colourful feast was adorned by ten beautiful flower arrangements, in the national colours, prepared by our own Helen Caffery.










So now that we’re near the end of this school year don’t think you can hang up your boots yet.

Harry’s Art Class returns for three weeks in May.

Con’s gym class will run until the end of May.

Who knows I might even go over to the gym and join you on the treadmill?

Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you again soon,

Pam Kilbride



Pam Kilbride, HSCL with Tony Ridgeway, School Completion.