Rainbows programme

Rainbows/Spectrum Programme.

Rainbows is run in the school as part of Pastoral Care. In second level schools is called the SPECTRUM PROGRAMME.

It is a volunteer programme, set up to ‘offer peer support for adolescents experiencing grief and loss’. This grief and loss maybe the death of a family member or the separation/divorce of parents. Also with increased migration in Ireland today, this movement can cause grief and loss.

Peer support is key to Spectrum.

What does Spectrum offer?

  • A 12 week structured program ( not counselling or therapy)
  • Peer Support ...a shared experience that reduces the feeling of isolation, realising you are not the only one or not the only family.
  • It is free
  • Is provides a safe and confidential environment for sharing feelings.
  • ‘Time out’ where adolescents learn that they do not have to protect other grieving family members.
  • Support to restore and build self esteem, confidence and resilience.
  • Can offer a model of good grief and a model of coping for the future.

What Spectrum does not offer:

  • Not professional counselling or therapy
  • Does not diagnose emotional or behavioural problems.
  • Does not give advice  or attempt to solve problems.
  • Does not give opinions, pass comment, make judgements, take sides or criticise.

Spectrum runs from October to Mid -  February approx. during the school year.

The programme is presented as a series of weekly themes - the themes remain the same at each level but are developed in a way appropriate to the age of the participants at that level. The themes are :

  1. One of a Kind -Self
  2. Inside Out - Feelings
  3. Why My Family?
  4. Making The Pieces Fit
  5. Blow Ups and Let Downs - Anger & Hurt
  6. Facing Fears and Worries
  7. We Are Family
  8. Where Do I Fit In In my Family Now?
  9. Different Kinds of Families
  10. Endings and Beginnings
  11. Weathering The Storms - Coping Tools
  12. Reaching Out

For more information on the programme visit www.rainbowsireland.com

Application forms are available  at the start of the school year from anyone on the Pastoral Care team.

Parents may also contact the school for application forms for their children.