School Prefects



BACK ROW (left- right): Luke Doyle, Conor Moran, Tracy Umeh,  Lauren Reilly, Nicole Kennedy, Nikita Dunne

FRONT ROW(left – right): Camilla Rodrigues, Kayleigh Crilly, Tracy Fitzgerald & Gemma Graham

MISSINF FROM PHOTO:  Siobhan Gibney.



4th YEAR  PREFECTS:2nd Year Mentors  

Class: Lee

Tutor: Ms. T. Hanly      

  • Camilla Rodrigues     
  • Tracy Umeh            
  • Siobhan  Gibney                     


Class: Corrib

Tutor: Mr. B Kelly           

  • Gemma Graham          
  • Luke Doyle            


Class: Liffey

Tutor: Ms. J Ferrigan

  • Nikita Dunne          
  • Nicole Kennedy        
  • Tracy Fitzgerald         


Class: Shannon   

Tutor: Ms. L. O’Shea                 

  • Kayleigh Crilly       
  • Conor Moran           
  • Lauren Reilly                           





BACK ROW: (LEFT – RIGHT):  Mohammed Umer, Daniel Foran, Vanessa Umeh, Sean Paisley & Steven Finnegan

FRONT ROW:(LEFT – RIGHT): Amber Farrell, Rachel  Batty,  Ben Stewart &  Daniel Barolits.


5th Year prefects:1st Year Mentors

Class: Raithlin

Tutor: Mr. B Kelly

  • Stephen Finnegan               
  • Reece Trounce              
  • Amber Farrell                        

Class: Aran            

Tutor: Ms. R Gillen

  • Daniel Foran
  • Mohammed Umer        


Class: lambay     

Tutor: Ms.B Flanagan

  • Vanessa Umeh
  • Rachel Batty         



Tutor: Ms. C Cunningham

  • Sean Paisley
  • Ben Stewart
  • Daniel Barolits              



The Role of the prefect:


  • Maintain good discipline: Responsibility for instilling and maintaining good behaviour of the student body.  He/she assists in the supervision of students during both break and lunch time in the corridors.

  • Leadership:  He/She acts as the positive role model for the younger students by emphasising the importance of schoolwork, homework, punctuality and respect of oneself, eachother and the school property at all times

  • Organisation/planning: He/she  will be involved in organising activities/events/competitions/trips throughout the year. He/She is assigned to a 1st/2nd year class group and will meet them regularly  so as to build a rapport and  assist in the delivery of the SPHE programme


  • Communication: He/She  will act as a buddy/mentor for the younger students, offering them help and support.

  • Ambassadors: He/She  may be involved in both organising and representing  the school at specific events .ie: Awards Night



                                QUALITIES OF A PREFECT:


Confidence and  Initiaitive  to participate in activities and take on responsibility


Wearing full school uniform at all times

Punctuality and good attendance

Respect  for fellow students, staff  and their property

Excellent record of behaviour

Completion of all homework to satisfactory standard


 Attend meetings regularly