Art Department Aims and Objectives

The Donahies Art department aims to provide students with the tools to understand the historical and contemporary criteria for the making of art works; to foster thorough and unique investigation into creating individual or group art work; to promote an environment of enthusiasm, dedication, and intensive effort; and to prepare students for possible careers in the arts.


To enable students’ development and confidence we aim to encourage the intrinsic artistic ability within all our students and develop this further.


In order to achieve this we aim to

- Personalise certain lesson schemes,
- Enter various art competitions
- Go on cultural trips to Galleries/museums and
- Develop cross curricular links within the school.


We aim to provide a rich visual environment in the hope to foster learning in a positive, enthusiastic manner. An environment of enthusiasm, dedication, and intensive effort. We hope this will enable each student to present their work with confidence.


Our aim is to develop a student’s natural skill and ability in the subject area. To educate and support all students with an interest in the subject and to install a love and passion for the subject one that will stay with the individual for life.


To establish an awareness of health and safety rules working within the art room and to foster an attitude of respect and appreciation for personal work and work of others.


Art History: We believe that Art history and Appreciation should play an integral role in the students learning beginning in 1st year and following all the way through to 6th year. This we hope will heighten their visual awareness and creativity and also develop their critical and analytical thinking.


As a department we aim to establish a solid foundation within all the various art disciplines. Drawing is the fundamental element of all art disciplines and will an integral element to all of the art areas.




December 2014 - 5th and 6th year art students visit Newgrange heritage site as part of their Leaving Certificate program.