Business  Department

Business Studies and Business are both offered as optional subjects for the Junior and Leaving Certificate.

Junior Certificate Business Studies syllabus consists of 4 main interrelated sections:

The business of living

- Economic Awareness

- Enterprise

- Book-keeping

Leaving Certificate Business syllabus consists of 7 core units:

Introduction to people in business

- Enterprise

- Managing 1

- Managing 2

- Business in action

- Domestic environment

- International environment

Transition Year Enterprise Module:

This course is designed to allow students to learn Business and Accounting in a practical and enjoyable way. We participate in the Student Enterprise Awards Programme, whereby students get the opportunity to take a business from the idea stage, through market research to production, selling, record keeping, management and finally, to writing a comprehensive business report.

For the past number of years, the Transition Years have also been involved in running a very successful credit union here in the Donahies.

Related Careers

Administration, Banking, Clerical Work, Business Teacher, Insurance, Management, Purchasing, Stock Broking, Law