Our aim, as a subject department, is to equip students with the necessary receptive and productive skills in line with the current DES syllabi.

We are aware of our role both in equipping our students with a level of competence in a living European language to the best of each student’s ability and of the place our subject occupies in building a bridge between our students and the broader reality of a multi-lingual, multi-cultural Europe in which Ireland continues to play a part.

Regular school trips to France, enhance the experience of learning French in our school, while other activities such as French lunches and breakfasts, French Theatre for schools, European language day, project work  and competitions also encourage the students to take an interest in Language learning. We have had the benefit of a number of French Assistants in the Past. Our school has also been a recipient of the European Language Label for outstanding work done in promoting the learning of French.


Junior Cycle


The majority of students take French at Junior level for four periods per week. Topics such as Myself, the House, School, Hobbies, Clothes, Weather, the Town, Signs, Food and Shopping are covered at Junior level. Students will also have the skills to write postcards and letters in French by the time they have completed Junior cycle. Students are encouraged to take French at Higher level for their Junior Cert exam.


Senior Cycle

At Senior level, French is optional, but students are encouraged to take it as a subject. French is time-tabled for 5 periods a week, with Ordinary and Higher level classes separated.  There are four elements to the Leaving Cert French syllabus- reading, written, oral and aural. Students take the written and aural exam at the end of sixth year, with the oral exam taking  place in the month of April in sixth year.


French Theatre for Schools September 2015

The French theatre for schools put on a wonderful show for transition year, 5th and 6th year French students. This was held in the school on Monday September 28th. The show was very entertaining and a number of students had the opportunity to participate in both acting classes and dance roles. A great turn out by all.

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