The Geography Department follows the prescribed curriculum which has been set by the Department of Education and Science. Students are required to sit a Junior Certificate. Classes are mixed ability. We also have a JSCP Geography class that complete all statements and following the curriculum as set down by the Department of Education and Science.

In Transition Year students follow a course prescribed by their teacher.

An example of such would be a study the study of Europe and the effect of the EU, Population trends across Ireland or Environmental Geography in the local area.  The course is a ½ year course where students then study History for the other ½ of the year.

The aim of the course is to give students a full understanding of the world and of their own local area. This course gives a good foundation the Leaving Certificate Geography course.

Geography is an optional subject and our students sit the Leaving Certificate at both Higher and Ordinary Level. All of our classes are mixed ability.

Junior Cycle Geography

Geography is an optional subject. Students choose between History and Geography after doing a 2 week taster of the subjects. The students then study is subject for their Junior Certificate.

Senior Geography

It is recommended that students that do Geography for Junior Certificate, should also complete it for their Leaving Certificate option.

As a compulsory part of the Leaving Cert programme, students are required to submit a fieldtrip for examination.  This is a great opportunity for students to
get a hands-on approach to Geography.  This is worth 20% of their Leaving Certificate examination.

The Geography Department has recently bought in new equipment to complete all field studies in the local area.

Our Geography field studies are usually completed in Howth.

Geography is a very popular subject in the school and we endeavour to maintain small class sizes at Leaving Certificate level. This will encourage a learning environment and allow students to the reach their full potential in the Subject.