History is an optional subject at both Junior Certificate level and Leaving Certificate level. History is taught at both ordinary and higher level. The study of History focuses on developing students’ research skills by developing a critical analysis of primary and secondary sources. The importance of understanding the causes and outcomes of Irish and international events is central to the teaching and learning of History in The Donahies.


Time Allocation

All periods are 40 minutes

In Junior cycle, History is timetabled for four periods per week

In Transition Year, History is timetabled for two periods per week for half the school year

In Fifth and Sixth Year, History is timetabled for five periods per week



Assessment is essential in achieving the desired learning outcomes as outlined in the Junior and Leaving Certificate syllabuses. All students have formal examinations at the end of each term. At Third and Sixth Year students have Mock Examinations in February. In Sixth Year students submit their research topic booklet in April. Junior and Leaving Certificate students sit their State Examinations in June.


Other Information

Students are encouraged to compile a vast array of their own historical resources. A wide range of extra-curricular events are incorporated into the teaching and learning of History. Field trips to historical sites, quizzes and poster competitions are all provided to enhance the students experience and understanding of the importance of History.