The music department at the Donahies aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop as young musicians. Music lessons are provided for and are readily available for all students whether they choose to study music to exam level or not. Musical performing opportunities are regularly held in the school through talent shows, choir recitals, carol services and the school musical society. Students of every level and ability are encouraged to become involved in all activities. Socially shared musical activities help develop personality skills and co-operative effort. Music education engages actively and imaginatively the affective, cognitive and psychomotor aspects of human development.

The music department aims to encourage students, enhance self esteem and provide opportunities to build the confidence of students through participation in school events.


Music is offered to all students in the Donahies as a choice subject.


Junior Cycle


A 2 week taster course is undertaken at the beginning of first year. The main elements of music for Junior Certificate are Listening, Performing and Composing. All students are required to perform for an exam worth 25% of their overall result. Ukulele and recorder are the two instruments undertaken at junior level.


Transition Year


Music during transition year is comprised of a 15 week course based on singing/ songwriting and sound engineering. All students are encouraged to explore their talents and abilities and learn about the ins and outs of recording music.


Senior Cycle


Music for leaving certificate is divided into 3 areas: performing, listening and composing. This is a development of the junior certificate course and music is studied in much greater detail. The performance aspect is worth 50% of the overall grade and students are able to use music technology to complete their performance option.