What is Technology?

Technology is a combined system of analysis both macro and micro, understanding, applying, evaluating and improving, So in essence it is about looking at  our surroundings  and improving it in a way that makes life easier. Everyday life is improved, somebody out there thought that there was either an easier way to produce a product, or that the product makes cooking a little easier or both. There are hundreds of examples, from sending an email on your laptop to sending it on your phone. However these improvements in society all depends on the demand for the technology


So why Choose this subject?

Are you the next Albert Einstein, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? All inventors who revolved around the term ‘technology

Apart from the cliché of ‘building things with tools’, it allows the student to look at the world around them in a different light. Being able to understand the rationale behind each technological development and to use this skill to improve others.

Students can apply their skills to a possible career in the future and develop lifelong skills.

The students can creatively express their skills coming up with their own designs and ideas in both small projects throughout the day to day classroom and more importantly their junior cert project. These are strictly driven by the students skills developed over the 3 year period.

In light of analysing their surroundings, students will be able to solve any given problem using the acquired skills from the junior cert cycle.

They will learn skills related to other subjects through the cross curricular links, such as Electronics, CAD, maths, science, Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Graphics,  Art, and many more.

Students will be able to evaluate their own work in an effort to improve it further, and understand the impact of their creation on the technology of today.


Possible Professions

IT , Gaming, Communicative Technology, Web Developer, Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer, Computer Programmer and the list goes on….

Cross curricular links

Metalwork, Woodwork, Technical Graphics, Maths, Science, Literacy, Numeracy, Art and many more.

Technology Classroom

Technology Room