Technical Graphics

What is technical Graphics?

A lot of people think technical graphics is about drawing.

It isn’t all based around the idea of drawing or being good at drawing, that’s why we have art!

Technical graphics is basically illustrations that describe themselves without the use of words, its a universal language which can be read by any individual regardless of their background.

Exit SignIntertwined Building







Technical graphics is the bases for observing, understanding and interpreting the world around you and simultaneously learning from this and applying your skills elsewhere.

Its about being different, thinking creatively and using ‘outside of the box’ ideas

Technical Graphics is skills that can be applied to any area of your life in a form of adaptive competence


So why Choose this subject?

- Apart from drawing the cool stuff like a Mercedes logo, or a nike sign, technical graphics will help you to look at the world in a completely different vision.

Impossible Image

- It helps develop your spatial awareness (Looking at one object and seeing several ideas/shapes)  and understanding what you are actually looking at.

- It allows you to develop your spatial awareness and understand graphicacy in greater depth.

- You will be able to think creatively and apply your abilities to certain abstract and practical problems

- Develop problem solving skills, both theoretically and practically.  

- It will change how you see your environment, and how you manipulate certain ideas/objects around you.

- Allows you to utilize your skills and apply these abilities anywhere

- Develop your ability in both mechanical and freehand sketching.

- You will be able to interpret and communicate graphical information confidently and competently.

Current Classroom Set Up

Interactive Whiteboard, Blackboard, Fully Equipmed Drawing Room (as seen below)




Possible Professions

Architect, Engineer, Computer Aided Design (Games Designer),  Dreftsperson

Cross curricular links

Practical maths, Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Woodwork, Metalwork, Technology.