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I find it hard to believe that so many years have passed since I began working in Donahies Community School in 1990. From that day to the present one, I have always been aware of the great honour it is to work for and serve this exceptional school community. I was immediately aware that not alone was the school always ahead of its time in terms of initiatives, programmes, improvement and ambition, but the students are firmly at the centre of all that we do. The purpose of all is to ultimately facilitate the natural skillset of all our students, deliver success for them and allow them to take on the world in whatever becomes their chosen field. Promoting a lifelong learning culture is so important.

Enhancing the well-being of all our students is a prerequisite to all we do. A student that is happy and well, excels. Feeling emotionally and physically good are goals we pursue for everyone. A productive and meaningful education can then be accessed fully. And our students achieve at the highest level. This education has resulted in our students studying and working in areas such as science, the arts, medicine, business, engineering, many trades, education, politics, law and IT (to name but a few). Alongside the pursuit of academic excellence the opportunities for personal growth and development are available by the encouragement of all to take part in music, drama, team and individual sports, school tours and the myriad of extra-curricular activities on offer.

Our students leave the Donahies Community School as mature, compassionate, connected and confident citizens, happy and fulfilled from their educational experience here and ready for the next chapter of their lives in the world of work or further education.

Students exceeding their potential is our goal. Choosing Donahies Community School, a community school for everyone, where respect, inclusion and ambition is the minimum demand and expectation, is a great choice.

With confidence I say, that this has been my overwhelming experience throughout my years here. I am proud of the students and families I have served to date and as enthusiastic as ever to meet and serve so many more.

This continues to be an exceptional school community. We continue to undertake and accomplish.

Mr. Peter Keohane


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